Clickboogie was formed in 2000 by former Kirch Group VP of Worldwide TV Sales, Grigor Stewart who ran the global sales of such major events as the FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis and Spanish League football as well as a host of other television genres. He has worked extensively with major television networks, global brands, international federations and worldwide media owners which has allowed him an invaluable insight into the workings of media and how it can be best utilised.


On the one side, clickboogie is a global distributor of content to the many hundreds of television broadcasters worldwide as finished programming or as branded content. The company has had worldwide exposure for major events bringing brands to an even greater audience as well as winning awards in the field of production.


On the other side, our Media Planning division’s focus is on taking a brand or product, bringing it to the market, creating the maximum impact for the least possible cost while ensuring limited wastage and negotiating the best possible deals. We use the latest available data sources to best quantify our target market, research the media consumption and competitor analysis to create the best possible Media Strategies.